Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's a Thought...

I know that not all Chestertonians are conservatives (indeed, Chesterton himself would have refused the epithet), and indeed that not all Chestertonians are Catholic.

But since I'm aware that some of the people who are kind enough to visit this blog are both, and since many of them are Irish bloggers, and since I'm painfully aware of the Irish blogosphere's domination by liberal, secular, anti-Catholic sites, how about this for an idea: an Irish conservative group blog?

Something like What's Wrong with the World in America, or The Salisbury Review in England?

In the great tradition of whimsically appropriating sneers (such as Whig, Tory, Lollard), I suggest the title The Comely Maidens Blog. It doesn't seem to have been taken yet.

Not that I think we would have enough contributors amongst this site's (modest) readership, necessarily, but we could get the snowball rolling.

For readers who are not of a reactionary disposition-- I apologise for the partisan interruption. Normal Chestertonian service will now be resumed....


  1. Maolsheachlann, brilliant idea.


  2. Will I ask contributors at the Irish Catholics' Forum? I'm sure there'd be some there who'd love to.

  3. Yes, I think that would be wonderful! Thanks. I'm so glad you like the idea!

  4. Hibernicus (the main contributor at ICF) said yes "provided posters can remain anonymous, and that each contributor in reponsible for his/her own contributions only. (Of course the moderator will have to know their identities)"

  5. Sounds good to me...although I do think contributors should at least have aliases.

    I bagsy the film reviews...

    Thank you for asking!

  6. Good idea. What about a title from a Chesterton essay:

    The Romance of Orthodoxy
    The Eternal Revolution
    Wisdom and the Weather
    The Universal Stick