Monday, February 21, 2011

A Prayer

Seeing the daunting forces that are ranged against the Faith and traditional values, the readiness of ideologues in academe and quangos to cook up "scientific" evidence against natural law, the seemingly endless degradation to which human intellects and apppetites can descend, and knowing my own tendency to be intimidated and flustered and provoked, I pray: God, give me (and all who stand by the things Chesterton stood by), some fraction of his tenacity, his quick-wittedness, his breadth of vision, his grasp of essentials, his disregard for irrelevancies, his unfailing good humour, and his adamantine faith!

And may those few who raise the standard he never ceased to raise, in this election campaign when our country seems more preoccupied by the cost of living than the sanctity of life, have their efforts rewarded! Amen.

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