Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Bit of Self-Promotion

Never hurt anybody, did it?

I am momentarily taking off my GK Chesterton Society of Ireland hat and putting on my "not terribly informed Catholic" hat to plug my new other blog, Practicing to be Catholic. Ill-informed ramblings on the sacred tradition I am doing my best to understand, and the state of Catholicism in Ireland.

So many Catholic blogs are so theologically, politically, economically, culturally and gastronomically literate, I thought it was time for something different...


  1. Great to see another Irish Catholic blog. I'll put it on my blogroll. A lot of Irish Catholic blogs have sprouted up recently.

  2. Thanks, Shane. I'm glad to hear the Irish blogosphere is being "desecularized"-- even a little bit!!

  3. Maolsheachlann, if I may make a suggestion. The James Joyce library has a fairly comprehensive collection of old Irish Catholic publications in the Journals section on the second floor - the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, the Irish Theological Quarterly, The Furrow, Doctrine and Life, The Irish Monthly, etc. They are very well worth reading, especially issues from before the Second Vatican Council; modern Catholic publications are a total embarrassment by comparison.

  4. BTW Studies (Jesuit magazine), the Furrow and the Irish Monthly are all on JSTOR.

    Here's a list of Studies articles from 1912 up until the eve of the Council.

  5. Thank you! The James Joyce Library has an embarrassment of wonderful reading on every subject (yes, I know that sounds like an infomercial!), especially on Catholic and theological subjects, since it used to be a Catholic university before it discovered the joys of queer studies and postmodernism and radical feminism.

    Right now I am reading the God: His Existence and His Nature by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, to get a grounding on the first principles of faith. It's two volumes and it's quite tough going...

    There is also a complete collection of the Fathers of the Church, so far I have only read Augustine's Confessions and dipped into others, but I would like to read as many of those as possible.

    However, considering my Scripture knowledge is still lamentable, I think that should be my priority...

    I have looked at the Catholic journals, though, and I will look at them again.

    We also have a long run of the Chesterton Quarterly!