Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Man Who Was Thursday Takes the Stage

Brian Macken sent us this interesting email, which he kindly allowed us to post on the blog:

My name is Brian Macken, and I am the director (and adapter) of a new stage version of ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’ – and I think it’s something your members might be interested in coming along to!

It takes place from the 11th to the 14th of May at the Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon. You can see more details, such as how to get tickets, on our website here: http://www.studiotheatreclub.com/CurrentPlans.html

I realise that a lot of your membership will not be UK-based, but there might be some Irish expats (such as myself!) who might be interested in coming to see it. Although, the flights from Ireland to the UK aren’t that expensive, and Oxfordshire is beautiful at this time of year… (I’d recommend flying to Birmingham, if anyone is interested in making the journey!)

Aside from just loving the book, I decided to adapt ‘Thursday’ because GKC is an author who deserves to be more widely read than he is at the moment. I’ve tried to noodle with the book as little as possible, so I think I’ve managed to find a balance between being faithful to the book and making something which works on stage.

Will there be an elephant and a hot air balloon onstage? Turn up and see!!

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