Monday, June 20, 2011

How Good is Your Italian?

The Fourth Meeting of the GK Chesterton Society of Ireland (which took place last Saturday and was a great success) is featured on the blog of our sister society, the Italian Chesterton Society.

Our report to follow soon!


  1. Italians are always ahead. :)

    A quick translation. The Central Catholic Library, where the GK Chesterton Society meets, is hosting an exhibition on Chesterton organised by Peter Costello, who is the Honorary Librarian there.
    Marco Sermarini is very excited by the discover made by Peter Costello that Chesterton visited the library on 10th August 1924 and gave a talk there. William Cosgrave, president of the Irish Free State, was present with other distinguished guests.
    Moreover, among the items on display, there is a letter sent by Chesterton from Rome to the National University of Ireland to thank them for offering an honorary degree.