Friday, August 19, 2011

Answers to the Chesterton Quiz

Answers to the Chesterton quiz that can be found two posts below this one!

So, have you got Chesterton coming out of your ears, on the brain, or just a mild case of Chesterton-itis? If you score:

1-5: Obviously a Chesterton neophyte. I envy you. You have so much ahead of you!
6-10: GKC has you in his grasp. There is no turning back now.
11-15: If you haven't read Orthodoxy, RUN to the library or bookshop...
16-20: Now we're in serious Chesterton-head territory. Your family and friends are beginning to roll their eyes when you say, "GK Chesterton put it well"...
21-25: OK, you are in serious danger of Chesterton overload. And the only drawback of that is that too much of a good thing might ruin your appetite forever; the same way you can't look at chocolate spread after making yourself sick with a whole jar of it when you were eleven years old. Pace yourself, man (or woman)! Put down they Chesterton; open thy C.S. Lewis, or Harry Potter, or Enid Blyton. It won't be too long before you have a gusto for Gilbert again.
26-30: If you are Irish, and you are not a member of this Society, JOIN NOW!! If you are not Irish, please come visit one day.
31: I bow down before you in awe.

1. Gilbert Keith
2. Frances Blogg
3. None
4. Notting Hill
5. Kingsley Amis
6. Cecil
7. Iron Maiden
8. Hilaire Belloc
9. Distributism
10. The Slade
11. 1874
12. Cocoa
13. Where should I be?
14. The World
15. HG Wells
16. Trent’s Last Case
17. 62
18. Manalive
19. Maurice Baring
20. Secretary
21. C.S. Lewis
22. The Liberal Party
23. He’s a postman
24. “To prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”
25. Saint Thomas Aquinas
26. Dates
27. King Alfred
28. Lepanto
29. To miss the train before.
30. “worth doing badly”
31. That he was getting engaged.

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