Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some Wonderful News

I am sure all followers of this blog are eager to join me in congratulations to founder-member Angelo Bottone, whose wife Vicki gave birth to a daughter, Lucia, last night.

"The test of all happiness is gratitude; and I felt grateful, though I hardly knew to whom. Children are grateful when Santa Claus puts in their stockings gifts of toys or sweets. Could I not be grateful to Santa Claus when he put in my stockings the gift of two miraculous legs? We thank people for birthday presents of cigars and slippers. Can I thank no one for the birthday present of birth?"-- Chesterton, Orthodoxy.


  1. I'm very late getting around to this but congratulations to both of you, and to your new daughter too. I hope you've all been very happy the last few days, and will continue to be. God bless your new family.